Shimanami Cycling

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From Adrian Ng

I had a wonderful time with Yuji. This is my 2nd time cycling on the Shimanami Kaido and initially I was not very confident of whether I can accomplish a much furthur distance. However having Yuji is a reassuring presence and he will adjust his pace accordingly. Yuji is also knowledgeable in Japanese history and culture. He is tech-savvy and utilizes his iPad to keep himself updated of weather and traffic conditions. Rest assured that he is certainly more than capable to communicate in English.

Yuji has well-maintained bikes and cycling equipment in his van. His vehicle also serves as a backup during bad weather.
Road bikes are intended for speedy travel. Don’t worry too much if you have never used one before – Yuji will guide you and you should get used to it within the first hour.ー 場所: Shimanami Cycling Tours

After a short briefing on the route for the day and having some time to adapt to the bike, we are ready to go.
Exclusive track for cyclists. Don’t worry if you lag behind alot sometimes when you take pictures, Yuji will wait up ahead.ー 場所: Shimanami Cycling Tours

Yuji uses hand signals to indicate movement and alert you of uneven ground or other hazards.ー 場所: Shimanami Cycling Tours

Yuji will make recommendation based on your preferred choice for lunch. Today we are having okonomiyaki at a roadside restaurant.ー 場所: Shimanami Cycling Tours

This temple is an interesting place for cyclists to visit.ー 場所: Shimanami Cycling Tours

aking a short break at Manda Koso where you can see how enzymes help vegetables and fruits grow better.ー 場所: Shimanami Cycling Tours

You can stop anytime along the way for pictures, and Yuji will also tell you where the good photo spots are.ー 場所: Shimanami Cycling Tours

Yuji is still in good spirit and physical condition past the halfway mark of the tour.ー 場所: Shimanami Cycling Tours

There are some model courses, but he always be frexible according to weather, traffic, seasonal and other conditions. Please do not hegitate to ask him where you want to visit, what you want to do. He will accept any kinds of your requests.
お世話になりありがとうございます。ー 場所: Shimanami Cycling Tours