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About us


Hi, I’m Yuji Aboshi. (National Licensed Guide Interpreter in Japan)


Since I had enjoyed cycling in Europe when I was sixteen years old, I was completely fascinated by that.

I traveled throughout the world as a backpacker in my younger days, visited more than 50 countries, and also traveled all over Japan by bicycle for many years.

Based on these travel experience, I quite naturally became a tour guide for foreign visitors to Japan.

One of my life works is to visit Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. Then I would like to offer you to experience Shinto rituals and some other traditional Japanese cultures.

So, in my home town, there is one of the seven beautiful cycling roads in the world selected by CNN.

Therefore, I designed some cycling routes for non-Japanese visitors, especially for those who are not proficient in cycling.

Please have a good opportunity to experience traditional Japanese culture and breathtaking beauty of the Inland Sea National Park through enjoying comfortable cycling with a fresh sea breeze.

I’m looking forward to enjoying this bike tour with you.

Thank you. (^^)/